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Deportation and Removal

LGBT Deportation and Removal. Immigration attorney, lawyer. New York, NYC.

LGBT Deportation and Removal. Immigration attorney, lawyer. New York, NYC.We at Gavlin & Associates, P.C., NY think that in the present scenario it has become much easier for LGBT community to deal with deportation and removal proceedings than others if their cases are filed correctly and handled by efficient immigration lawyers.

This is because apart from the privileges of a married couple (as same-sex marriages are now valid in immigration matters) like waivers based on hardships to spouse or dependents (who are US citizens or lawful permanent residents) they also get the benefits of avoiding the persecution and hardships that they may face due to their sexual orientation in their countries of origin if they are deported.

We have specialized lawyers for LGBT clients having thorough knowledge of LGBT related waivers in removal proceedings and we see to it that the LGBT clients get benefits of waivers during removal procedures just like other people, which can sometimes be so complex due to vague guidelines in immigration laws.

We have immense experience in many matters related to deportation and removal proceedings like:
• Availing Bail bonds for those who are jailed for violation of immigration rules;
• Representing the LGBT member and defending him at immigration courts;
• Filing various applications and forms on behalf of the defending clients;
• Application of waivers leading to green cards;
• Handling of criminal cases leading to deportation;
• Taking measures to reunite the family after deportation or removal;
• Representing you in the US for various official and non-official matters in your absence.

LGBT immigration problems are one among the most sought after services at immigration lawyers’ offices. Same-sex couples, LGBT asylum seekers, dependents of LGBT immigrants or lawful permanent residents or US citizens etc. are some of the categories of people seeking assistance on LGBT immigration issues.

At Gavlin & Associates, P.C., NY we have specialized lawyers for LGBT clients, they have personalized approach for LGBT clients. Legal experts who are well versed in LGBT immigration issues help such clients with the best possible assistance and also deal with compassion and care.

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