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Marriage-Based Immigration Marriage based Immigration related to LGBT couples

Only criteria for LGBT couples to get the same rights as hetero sexual couples in immigration matters is that their marriage has to take place in US states where same sex marriage is legal if the couple married in the US or in those countries of the world where same sex marriage is having legal status if they married outside the US. A US citizen or lawful permanent resident has the right to sponsor his or her same-sex spouse or spouse’s immediate dependents to get resident visa or permanent resident status to the USA in the same way as any heterosexual couple.
LGBT Asylum LGBT Asylum

LGBT asylum seekers are of much importance in the immigration world, as it is a complex issue of proving the amount of risk and persecution they face in their countries of origin due to their sexual orientation. Special legal approach and documentations are needed for assisting LGBT asylum seekers successfully in immigration courts. We at Gavlin & Associates, P.C., NY have excellent work experience in asylum seekers and refugees sector in immigration. We are fully equipped with experience and legal knowledge for the defense of their rights.
Employment / Business Visas Employment / Business Visas

In the same way as any heterosexual orientation foreign citizen who has lawful permanent residence based on employment or business (having visas like H1, E1, E2, E3, etc.) a similar person of LGBT community can also sponsor his or her same-sex spouse and spouse’s own or their mutual immediate dependents to accompany him or her while he or she is in the US by availing secondary resident visas or even get green cards.
Removal Proceedings Removal Proceedings related to LGBT community and same-sex couples

Same sex couples and other people of LGBT community can make use of all the waivers based on hardships to immediate relatives (who are US citizens or lawful permanent residents) to get their removal proceedings waived in the same way as heterosexual couples and people of such orientation. There should not be any bias on the fact that they are of LGBT community and that how come this be a real relative or spouse etc. as prevailed earlier. We at Gavlin & Associates, P.C., NY have specialized lawyers for LGBT clients having thorough knowledge of LGBT related waivers in removal proceedings and we see to it that the LGBT clients get benefits of waivers during removal procedures just like other people, which can sometimes be so complex due to vague guidelines in immigration laws.
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