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Gay Marriage and Immigration

Gay Marriage and Immigration. Immigration attorney, lawyer. New York, NYC.

Gay Marriage and Immigration. Immigration attorney, lawyer. New York, NYC.On 26th June 2013, the Supreme Court abolished the Section 3 of the federal act - “Defense of Marriage Act” or DOMA by declaring it unconstitutional. This has forced the USCIS and other immigration related organs to give same-sex couples the same preferences and benefits in immigration process like their heterosexual counterparts.

This has strengthened the outreach of “Uniting American Families Act” (UAFA) and similar acts and has made our task of protecting the rights of LGBT clients much easier, as the USCIS is now having same procedure of immigration for same-sex or heterosexual couples.

Only criteria for Gay/Lesbian or other LGBT couples to get the same rights as hetero sexual couples in immigration matters is that their marriage has to take place in US states where same sex marriage is legal if the couple married in the US or in those countries of the world where same sex marriage is having legal status if they married outside the US.

Even though the present scenario is favorable for Gay/Lesbian or other LGBT community marriages and later immigration when compared to the past, there are many obstacles still prevailing for the protection of civil rights of LGBT community. So at Gavlin & Associates, P.C., NY we have specialized lawyers for LGBT clients, they have personalized approach for LGBT clients.

Legal experts who are well versed in LGBT immigration issues help such clients with the best possible assistance and also deal with compassion and care.

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