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LGBT Asylum

LGBT Asylum. Immigration attorney, lawyer. New York, NYC.

LGBT Asylum. Immigration attorney, lawyer. New York, NYC.Asylum seekers are also in large numbers among LGBT immigrants. They seek asylum in the US due to the fear of persecution they face in their countries due to their sexual orientation. In many countries there exists a negative mood against people of LGBT community.

In many countries they are persecuted by a vast majority of the society. US constitution prohibits deportation of a foreign citizen to his or her home country if he is at risk of persecution or harm due to his political views, social status, sexual orientation etc.
Special legal approach and documentations are needed for a successful LGBT asylum application. We at Gavlin & Associates, P.C. NY have excellent work experience with LGBT asylum seekers and have successfully defended many such cases in immigration courts. We are fully equipped with experience and legal knowledge for the defense of their rights.

We ensure that our LGBT clients get all the benefits of immigration laws just like those with heterosexual orientation and that their rights are not violated by immigration and other government officials.

One-year filing deadline has had negative impact on LGBT asylum applicants. Lack of time has often caused the threat of deportation in otherwise viable asylum claims by LGBT asylum applicants. We have researched on this problem and have found a systematic way of doing things so that we don’t miss any deadlines. This was possible by our expert team of lawyers, clerks and courier staff who make this document procuring, submitting, clearance procedures feel easier and prompt.

We urge people belonging to LGBT community and facing immigration/citizenship issues to contact immediately some capable immigration attorneys like ourselves to handle their legal issues from the very beginning so that their problems can be handled properly and justice be assured to them.

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